Spring 2016 Artist Residencies

Playa Studio

My studio at the Playa, Summerlake, OR

Artist residencies provide the gift of time free from the demands of daily life to concentrare on one’s studio practice. I was fortunate to have two month long residencies during the spring of my sabbatical.

The Space Between

The Space Between

During the month of February, I was in residence at Playa in Summerlake, OR. Located 2 hours from Bend  and an hour north of the nearest town with a full grocery store, Playa felt like a true retreat for artists, writers, scientists, and other creatives. A very slow internet connection, no wifi and no cell service contributed to this feeling–for many people I realize this lack of constant contact might cause some distress but it is a wonderful opportunity to really focus on one’s art. It was an extremely productive time for me and I loved it!

El Ojo de la Noche #3

El Ojo de la Noche #3

El Ojo de la Noche 2 copy 2

El Ojo de la Noche #2

For me, one of the other major advantages of a residency is the need to work in ways different from my regular studio practice since materials and equipment will be different from those in my own studio or easily available. This can also be frustrating and discouraging, but also provides opportunities for technical and/or conceptual breakthroughs.

My studio at Jentel.

My studio at Jentel. The press’s name is Blanche. We worked out our differences and got along fine after the first couple of days!

In Mid-April, I journeyed to Jentel, located in a beautiful valley with a view of the Big Horn Mountains and approximately 20 minutes from Sheridan, WY. My first residency at Jentel was in 2005 and I was very happy to return. Six of us, 4 artists and 2 writers, made ourselves at home in the very comfortable house for a month with excellent food and company, yet retaining significant privacy and space for working. Each of us had a studio located in 2 buildings a very short walk from the main residency living quarters.

Projection 3

Projection #3



My experience at residencies is that each may be set up differently and located in diverse parts of the world, but all have the goal of supporting the artist or other serious creative individual with space and time to further develop one’s work.  These residencies are a true gift and I am thankful to have been able to spend time at Playa and Jentel this spring.

A visitor to my studio at Jentel. He was very friendly but he didn't have much to say about my work!

A visitor to my studio at Jentel. He was very friendly but he didn’t have much to say about my work!




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“And so it goes…” A selection of works at Central Arizona College, Jan. 29- March 6, 2014

invitation to CAC exhibition I will be exhibiting a selection of prints and mixed media works at Central Arizona College, opening with a reception on the evening of January 28, continuing  through March 6. This selection of artworks includes artworks from the mid-1990’s through today. It has been exciting to review works from previous years, link the conceptual and visual themes, and see the progression of ideas and techniques through the years.

If you are traveling between Tucson and Phoenix–or if you are so inclined to make a special trip to the Visual Arts Gallery in the Student Services Building–please stop by and view the exhibition. It is free and open to the public Mon.-Thurs. 8AM- 6PM.









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