I combine printmaking, painting and drawing into collages inspired by a wonder of the natural world.

My palette reflects the kaleidoscope of color found throughout nature, from desert sunsets to the ever-shifting surface of water. The intensity of the colors reflects the vibrancy and energy of the wilderness. Patterns and imagery in my work may be influenced by the tiny traces of fossils in rock or the panoramic view from a mountain. I intentionally forego horizon lines or singular viewpoints in the compositions to immerse the viewer within the artwork. Through my process, I preserve the sense of freedom inherent in the wilderness by infusing a playful approach into both technique and composition. Yet even as the collages express the beauty and wildness in nature, they contain subtle reminders that human actions have impacted our ecosystems.

My art serves as a metaphor for the connection between humans and our world. Through my artwork, I encourage a more positive reengagement with the natural world.